The Short

I am a student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden studying Software Engineering of Distributed Systems.

The Long

At the moment, I am based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, I was a Senior Cloud Engineer at Oracle where I worked on the CEGBU Cloud Engineering team on cloud platform and DevOps projects. I started with Oracle in Philadelphia in 2014 and in 2017 relocated back to my home country, India. My work there was focused on cloud infrastructure, platform orchestration, scaling, and automation projects. I worked across a wide variety of cloud-native projects involving Primavera, FedRAMP, Aconex, Oracle Public Cloud (OPC), and Oracle Cloud for Industry (OCI). I was also a technical lead for multiple projects across different teams.

I have worked across the entire cloud platform stack on many different tools and technologies. Some of the tools and tech I use (or have used) frequently include Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Hashicorp Vault, Terraform, Python, and Bash among many others. I have experience working on both OCI and AWS cloud providers.